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Pumper Car® Uniflex

Introducing the Uniflex model, one of the most versatile mobility products on the market because its adjustable seat accommodates almost everyone in the family.


This exciting new addition to our product line features an adjustable seat that accommodates riders from ages 5 to 95. It’s easy to operate—with our unique patented pump-action system it feels like a rowing machine on wheels. As a result, you’ll enjoy a great upper- and lower-body workout.

Children and adults of almost all abilities have a great time riding the Uniflex vehicle because it promotes inclusion and family fun. It’s especially beneficial as a therapeutic device for individuals with rehabilitative or special needs. Additionally, it’s built with safety in mind, meeting or exceeding safety standards in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Adjustable seat fits children and adults from 3’ tall to just under 6’
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Zero pinch points
  • Four wheels provide stability
  • Has low center of gravity
  • Soft, non-slip handles
  • Safety brake for quick stops
  • Doesn’t roll backwards